OMG WITCHes, can I just say

I’m just really excited that I Hit it with My Axe is back on because it was this ray of light when I was living in Madison that some day I would have nonmale friends that I could be cute with and play D&D and no one would be mean if I didn’t know how to do something or like be annoyed kuz I’m a girl.

Since then I’ve grown a lot and have been able to work on my own internalized misogyny and be proud of being a girl and not being afraid of what some jerk dude might think- like I’m not a good enough nerd to be friends with. Kuz when you are a girl nerd you have to be on top of your game at all times and super knowledgable on everything to earn just a smidge of respect, and you can forget about any of those guys being your friend kuz they are just waiting to out you in their girlfriendzone.


Anyway yeah so those women are fucking great and I hope someday I can play D&D with some awesome people like them.

Witch Party

  • Hearth Witch: *is the host who runs around with their broom, cleaning up people's messes while muttering little curses under their breath*
  • Kitchen Witch: *bursts from kitchen* I've made potions and cauldron cookiiiiiies~!
  • Water Witch: Where's the pool?
  • Sea Witch: I wanted to have a beach party...
  • Green Witch: *stays on the sidelines conversing with the houseplants*
  • Sex Witch: *to another* I think you and I could make some serious magick together after this party~ Or during, whatever you're into~
  • Techno Witch: I just upgraded your computer...oh and don't change the html, it'll bring you good luck. You're welcome.
  • Hedge Witch: Gather round and let me tell you about the time I was in the astral and...
  • Death Witch: *sees cat bring in dead bird* Oh man this party is great.